Thursday, 18 September 2014

Addicted: TNA Del Mar T-Shirt

First of all, I dispute that this is actually a "t-shirt". Regardless, I love the Del from Aritzia*.

It's cozy and you can size up for a casual look or size down and dress it up with a cute necklace. You are probably appalled at the amount of grey in my collection, but a couple of them have been purchased in a larger size to wear to and from the gym. I can throw one on and run a quick errand without looking like an Olympic athlete (okay, there are many other reasons why I'll never look like an Olympian but we'll save those for another post...)

If you're not into a longer look, try the Pomona -- the v-neck kinda sexifies things.

Let me know what you think!

*yes, I'm on a bit of an Aritzia kick right now.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014


Oh, hi. 
It's a busy week and, while I have plenty to say, I don't have the time or energy to type it out! I promise to post something insightful (or cute, at least) tomorrow.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Sometimes... impromptu evening is just what you need. mind races with things I should/need/want to do and I set 5,000 Reminders so I have the OPTION of doing them, at least. I just need to learn to let some things go.

...a spider has become my nemesis. go into the Lego Store, intending to buy something for your five year old niece and wish that you could still have a "lego room" to go get lost in for a few hours. make eye contact with someone whom you DO NOT want to make eye contact with and there's no way to get that back.

...I wonder if anyone actually reads these posts and then I get a message from a friend of a friend of a friend who really liked that post on "Revenge", followed by sweet message from a long-time friend who gives me more encouragement. Then I write another post, feeling somewhat inspired.

...your two-year-old niece is asked to touch a real turtle at Science World and she says "okay", then points to me standing back a few feet and says, "And that's my Auntie Melissa." Thanks for the shout-out, boo.

...a friend inadvertently reminds you what's important in life and you realize it's all good.

Monday, 15 September 2014

Weekend Round-Up

You know I love social media so I'm happy to announce I'll be doing some for a favourite spot of mine -- Be sure to Follow and "Like" the St. Regis Bar and Grill!

Another weekend in the books! I wore jeans to work for the first time in MONTHS and my new wingman, Rachelle, sent me on an impromptu date -- which was lovely. I enjoyed some delicious vino at Gotham and at Chambar's new space. I love trying wines that I normally would not order.

I woke up Saturday morning and sweated 3 or 4 glasses of vino out of my system during my go-to TRX class at Kondi. My arms are looking amazing, ladies. They're nowhere near Madge's, but they are making me happy! 

I also checked out Katie's new bar cart (LOVE) and got a much-needed Fall pedi. Metro Chick by Sephora is my go-to colour for the cooler weather.

On Saturday night, I was off to celebrate C-Yick's 30th! I originally thought I would be out of town for this, but my plans changed and I was happy to be there to have some vino with her. 

You MUST check out Thai Cuisine by Montri -- so delicious. The added bonus, in my opinion, is the fantastic wine list. The sommelier did a great job pairing many BC wines with the spicy cuisine.

It's my boo's FIFTH birthday today. I just love this girl and can't wait to play Lego with her:

Friday, 12 September 2014

Things I Learned this Week

New photos done by Love Krissy

Sometimes I think there isn't anything new I could possibly learn. Not that I know it ALL, but I just get to a point when I think, is there something more that could actually enlighten me? Something big enough that would contribute to making my life better. This is the exact opposite of reality, I realize this.

In the past week, I have learned a few things:

1. When you are skipping, you should turn your toes in slightly when you land so the impact isn't so hard on your knees.

2. One should always get an outside opinion. I had a consultation with Helene last Monday and she gave me great insight into my blog and offered suggestions as to how to improve it. Just when I thought I knew EVERYTHING about blogging, I got, like 1,000 new ideas that will certainly be explored. Definitely worth the time and money to schedule some time with Helene in Between!

2. I hate my hair right now. It needs to be layered or something.

3. Champagne Tuesday is ALWAYS a great idea.

4. Did you know the "o" in "xo" is the hug? This is a fairly recent change, right? I haven't spent my entire life sending "o's" to people when I mean "x's", have I? I truly hope my past blog post signature hasn't offended anyone. I don't really care if the actual posts have, just the signature. I actually dispute this revelation because an "o" clearly represents wrapping your arms around someone. An "x" can lead to xxx, which is clearly kissing and then some.

What did you learn this week?